Kansas Firefighters Museum

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The Kansas Firefighters Museum has thousands of items on display from all over the state, including an 1800’s hand-drawn hose reel, hand-drawn chemical exhtinguisher, and an 1880’s Howe handpumper.

Located in the old Engine House No. 6, built in 1909.
Come see what being a firefighter was like in early Wichita!

Hours & Location

Saturday: 11AM – 3PM or Call to Set Up a Tour


1300 S. Broadway Wichita, KS 67211

Adults $5 • Seniors $2.5 • Students K-12 $3 • Under 5 FREE

“From the outside, the building looks small, but it is two stories and PACKED with firefighting artifacts. There are call boxes, helmets, patches, buckets, steam pumps, picks, axes, hoses, radios, extinguishers, lanterns, dalmatians, alarms, boots, hats, badges, uniforms, plaques, pictures all kinds of interesting equipment and of course a fire pole. It is well worth the few dollars of admission.”
Kansas Firefighters Museum

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